10 Sopranos

Heart palpitations and goose bumps!

Inspired by their male colleagues 10 professional singers from all of Germany offer an extraordinary show. The voices range from the classical soprano to the strong voice of a Popdiva up to the smoky bold rockstar voice. In their 90 minutes concert the repertoire touches several musical categories:

From the wild sixties in brightly coloured petticoats to a powerful ABBA Medley, James Bond theme, to filigreed Swing rhythms, rock classics á la Joe Cocker or Tina Turner through to the Grandezza of the Italian opera. The ensemble pulls all the stops in terms of their skills: Whether merged into the finely co-ordinated vocal harmonies or emphasized in remarkable solo parts, these women inspire and cause skin crawl. The variety of the show allows both, being part of the first-class ensemble and an individual artist with its power.

Paired with an impressively light show, humorous moderation and expressive choreographies "The 10 Sopranos" present themselves with concentrated femininity, charm, joy of life and a guaranteed great stage performance at a
high musical level.

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